Warrior City

“Warrior City” is a planned 300+ acre self-sufficient housing development to be established in the Dallas, TX area. The development will house military veterans who have sustained life altering injuries related to combat, as well as homeless veterans to help get them back on their feet. In addition to housing, these veterans will be provided gainful and meaningful employment. Veteran Forces will provide the following:

  • 100 single family homes will be donated to military veterans who have sustained life altering injuries related to combat (10 of these homes will be allocated for spouses of a family member killed-in-action).
  • 50 condos/apartments for single veterans
  • 50 transitional homeless apartments
  • 25 room urgent need facility (Suicide, Homeless, PTSD, etc)

Besides housing, veterans and their families will also be provided training and employment opportunities directly on the facility and off. From services such as landscaping, electrical, plumbing, security, etc., that will maintain the facility. To corporate jobs in a call-center and office, where veterans with more severe disabilities such as missing limbs, burned and/or blind will be able to perform regardless of their injuries.

We may not be able to guarantee high salaries or fulfilling careers for wounded, disabled and homeless veterans, but we can provide a basic level of human dignity through housing. It's not just that providing affordable housing for veterans is the right thing to do, it also makes economic sense.